How to find out your bra size

Bras are some of the most popular pieces of attire that almost every woman wears, but choosing them is a rather tricky business. The reason so many women can’t find a bra that suits perfectly is because they don’t know their true bra size. In this article we will tell you how to find out your bra size and cup type.

Numbers and letters

Many women don’t know what those numbers and letters even mean, and we get it, it’s quite confusing. However, once you figure this out you will never get confused again. Basically, the number represents you band size, and the letter – your cup size. The cup size is defined by the difference between the largest part of your breast and your band size.


You can easily measure what’s needed at home, and soon you will know what number and letter your bras should be.

  1. Band size measuring. To find out your band size you’ll need to be nude, so that you would measure your breasts at their natural state. Wrap the measurement tape just under your bust, around the ribcage. Make sure that the tape is parallel to the ground and that’s it’s not pulled too tightly. Round the measurement to the nearest whole number; sometimes you will need to add 4-5 inches depending on the manufacturer. So, if your measurement is 34, your band size will be 38.
  2. Bust size measuring. Now you need to repeat the process, but this time measure your breasts at nipple height.
  3. Cup size. To find out your cup size, subtract your band measurement from the bust measurement. If they are the same, then you’re AA cup, 1-inch difference is A, 2-inch – B, etc.

Now you know your precise size!

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