How to match underwear

Buying underwear in sets only would be too expensive, and sometimes you can buy more panties or bras for the price of one set. However, matched underwear still looks better then two completely different pieces, so you need to learn how to match them, and we will help you with this.


The easiest thing to match is color. If you have monotone panties and bra, say black, there wouldn’t even be a question raised on how to match them. But what to do which pieces of different colors? It’s simple – think about color theory and what colors go with what. For example, combing red and purple is a big no-no in the fashion world, but dark green/emerald looks gorgeous with black, the sae as royal blue with white.


It will be even easier to match non-monotone pieces. For example, if the main color of your bra is white/beige but the patter in in yellow, then yellow panties will still match it. Take a look at this balconette bra: it has patterns in red, yellow, and purple, so red Brazilian panties will make a perfect combo with one of the patterns.


It’s not recommended to wear underwear made of different materials as the set. That means, if your panties are 100% cotton without any lace or silk elements, but your bra is silky or laced, you can’t match them. However, when there are at least some details made from the material of the supposed pair – go for it.

These are the three main tips on how to match underwear pieces that don’t come in sets. Nevertheless, if you prefer buying sets, here you can find many beautiful pieces. Tell us in the comments what you prefer – buying bras and panties separately or in sets?

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