What bra to wear according to the top

When it comes to choosing a bra, you need to think not only about the size but also the clothes that you can wear it with. We all know about the golden rule of not wearing black bras with white shirts, but is there anything else to it? Read this article to find out what bra to wear with which top!

Strapless tops and open-shoulder blouses

The whole point of strapless dresses or open-shoulder blouses is to show off your beautiful neckline and shoulders. So, if you wear a regular bra, you will ruin the whole look. For such outfits you will need a strapless bra. However, if you feel uncomfortable without straps, you can simply buy transparent ones and attach them to the bra you’re planning to wear.

Tight tops

Tight clothes highlight your features and shows all the beauty of your body. But it also shows the outline of underwear you’re wearing. To avoid this problem, wear the smoothest bra without any decorative details on it. No laces, no frills – here you need to go for the most “boring” bra that you have.

White tops

It’s been said many times not to wear black bras under white blouses and shirts, for they are easily visible under them. Yet not much has been said about other colors – no, you shouldn’t wear a red one either, nor the purple one. Even beige bra would look a bit of, so the best choice would be to wear a white bra.

Semi-transparent tops

If you’re wearing a top of a light material, it’s likely to be semi-transparent. Here you don’t always need to match the bra to the top’s color (but that would be best if you could), but simply wear a skin-tone bra.

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